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CSA  Promotion

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs are an easy way to buy fresh food directly from local farms and cook healthy meals. 


Thorntons wants to promote CSA opportunities and connect employees to a convenient way they can access organic vegetables from a local farm in 2022. Learn more about CSA, the benefits, and offerings by Rootbound Farm (located less than 12 miles from Thorntons HQ) by reading the information below and sign up for a CSA share this season!

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A local produce subscription where members receive weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables and some fruits for 20+ weeks throughout the growing season.

A model of buying food that is focused on community where a participant pays in advance for a share and then becomes a important member of the farm for the whole season.

A weekly box or basket of fresh, KY Proud, and certified organic vegetables. The items in a share are harvested at their peak ripeness to maximize their flavor and quality.

What are the Benefits of CSA?

  • Easy access to healthy fresh food and the opportunity to try new foods.

  • Convenience--pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Know your farmer that grows your food. Receive regular newsletters, updates, and useful recipes.

  • Enjoy health benefits of increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • Keep more food dollars local.

  • 100% USDA certified organic produce. All coalition farms are certified organic

CSA Share Size, Pricing, & Customization

Choose a CSA share that works for your household!






  • Small Share:  6-8 items per week. Good for households with 1-2 people who enjoy cooking a few times a week. Best for first time CSA members.               

  • Full Share: 8-10 items per week. Good for households with 2-4 people who enjoy cooking several times a week.

  • Robust Share: 10- 12 items or more per week. Good for larger households with 4 or more people who enjoy cooking most nights a week.


  • CSA shares are customizable every week. Members will get an email a few days ahead of your pickup to let you know what the default share is for the week, plus all the available items on the farm that can then be swapped and added to your delivery for that week.

  • All customization is done during your store access hours using our simple online platform. If you choose not to customize your box for the week, you will still get a great curated box of items from us.

Pricing & Payment Details:

  • Members can choose from several different recurring payment options and pay for 4, 8, 16 weeks or the full season (32 weeks) when they signup. When a CSA members' balance falls to zero, they are automatically recharged for the next installment in their chosen payment plan. 

  • The cost of each share is calculated on a weekly basis since members can part for multiple season-lengths. A Small share is $27/week, Full share is $36/week, and Robust share is $44/week. h

Rootbound Farm Share - Small_edited.jpg

Small Share

Rootbound Farm Share - Full_edited.jpg

Full Share

Rootbound Farm Share - Robust_edited.jpg

Robust Share

What to expect in a CSA? 

Members can look forward to a delicious diversity of produce throughout the season! Items change from week to week and are great way to try news foods and recipes. View the CSA shares below to get an idea of the wide variety of produce you can expect throughout the season.

Rootbound_Sample Full Share_Spring_Text.jpg

Spring Share

Rootbound_Sample Full Share_Summer.jpg

Summer Share

Rootbound_Sample Full Share_ Fall.jpg

Fall Share

CSA Pick-Up Location

Choose from a wide variety of CSA pick-ups that the farm offers across Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, and Oldham County.

How to Participate?

  • Learn more about the Rootbound Farm CSA offeringsExplore farm website and determine what share size and pickup location will work best for you. 

  • Sign up for a share. Once you know which share size you would like sign up for your share and explore add-ons of meat and eggs from the farm. 

  • Questions about Rootbound CSA? Contact Bree Pearsall at

The Farm 


Rootbound farm is a family-run certified organic farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. Our Farm Share (CSA) program is the lifeblood of our farm. Our passion is filling our members’ family table with the full bounty of beautiful and delicious local veggies that positively impact their health and the environment.


We believe being in a Farm Share (CSA) should be fun - and we prioritize communication, quality, and diversity. We provide weekly newsletters and use social media to provide our members with new recipes and storage tips so they can get the best out of every share.

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