UK HR Health and Wellness CSA Program

University of Kentucky will be offering CSA vouchers to employees on a UK health plan as a part of wellness benefit for 2021. For additional information specific to the program and to claim a voucher starting on January 21st, 2021 click here.
To learn more about farm shares, often called CSA (community supported agriculture), and the benefits, pricing, and options read below. If you are already familiar with the UK HR Health and Wellness CSA Program and have a voucher, click here to view farm options and buy a share! 
2021 UK HW CSA Lunch and Learn
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Watch the recording of the UK HW CSA lunch and learn on 2/3/21. Meet all the partner farms for this CSA season, UK CSA, Sustainable Harvest Farm, Rootbound Farm, Lazy Eight Stock Farm, and Elmwood Stock Farm, and learn how to claim a $100 or $200 CSA voucher. 

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?


A CSA farm share is a fresh produce subscription program that allows participants to receive a delivery of locally grown, seasonal produce for 20-22 weeks during the growing season, usually May - October. All CSA shares offer a diverse array of vegetables throughout the season.


CSA shares vary by farm in terms of size, price, share diversity, customization, length of season, pick up location and other farm products and experiences. Payment for the entire growing season is often required upfront which provides farms with guaranteed working capital for the growing season.


As a consumer, you are buying into the farm and you become a shareholder. This means you share the inherent risks of farming with the farmer including dealing with weather, pests, and other unexpected circumstances but it also means you benefit from being the farm's number one priority when it comes to enjoying the bounty of their weekly harvest.

What are the benefits?
  • Access healthy, fresh food every week and the opportunity to try new foods and recipes.

  • Convenience - pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Know the farmer and the farm that grows your food while also keeping your food dollars in your community.

  • Enjoy health benefits that come with increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • 100 % USDA Certified Organic produce. 

CSA Share Size Guide:

  • Small/Mini Share: 5-9 items/week. Good for households with 1-2 people. Ideal for first time CSA members.     

  • Regular/Full Share: 6-12 items/week. Good for households with 2-4 people who enjoy cooking.

  • Robust/XL Share: 10-14 items/week. Good for households with 4 or more people who enjoy cooking and home food preservation. 

Members can look forward to a delicious diversity of vegetables in your CSA share throughout the season. Here is a sample of weekly regular/large shares in spring, summer, and fall. Small shares generally provide 60% of the vegetables shown. 

Rootbound week 2.jpg

Spring Share

Photo Jul 16, 6 37 28 PM.jpg

Summer Share

Rootbound week 4.jpg

Fall Share


Partner Farms 

View step-by-step CSA sign-up instructions for each UK HW partner farm. Remember to always include your voucher code and linkblue ID at sign-up when you purchase your share. 

Explore CSA pick-up locations for all UK HW partner farms to find a convenient location. CSA pick-ups are available all throughout the Lexington area as well as several surrounding cities.  

Elmwood Stock Farm is a sixth-generation family farm situated on 550 acres just outside Georgetown, Kentucky. USDA certified organic since 2000, Elmwood Stock Farm produces wholesome vegetables, fruits, pantry items, pasture-raised eggs, poultry and pork, and grass-fed, grass-finished beef and lamb.


Mac and Ann Stone, Ann’s brother, John Bell, and a great support team produce healthy and delicious weekly CSA Farm Shares. CSA shareholders benefit from Elmwood Stock Farm’s many years of growing for CSA, from a well-planned weekly share to the opportunity to swap and add items and the ability to skip a week for vacation from your secure online account. Have your vegetable, meat or egg share delivered to your home, or choose to pick up from more than a dozen community locations.

Lazy Eight Stock Farm is a small family farm located in Madison and Garrard County along the banks of the Paint Lick Creek.


We pour our hearts and souls into raising USDA Certified Organic vegetables for our CSA Members, the lifeblood of our farm. We offer a

21-week customizable CSA and host several on farm events each season for our members to come and share the seasonal bounty.

Rootbound farm is a family-run certified organic farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. Our Farm Share (CSA) program is the lifeblood of our farm. Our passion is filling our members’ family table with the full bounty of beautiful and delicious local veggies that positively impact their health and the environment.


We believe being in a Farm Share (CSA) should be fun - and we prioritize communication, quality, and diversity. We provide weekly newsletters and use social media to provide our members with new recipes and storage tips so they can get the best out of every share.

*Sold out for 2021 CSA Season*

Ford and Amanda Waterstrat own and operate a first-generation family farm that produces a wide variety of USDA certified organic, high quality produce grown in an environmentally sensitive manner. They offer individuals, families and businesses highly customizable, nutritious and delicious farm shares that are easy to pick up and are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Ford and Amanda have a passion to help people eat better, reduce food waste and improve their overall health and well-being.


Sustainable Harvest Farm strives to provide their customers with peace of mind knowing their produce is grown locally in a manner that enhances our ecosystem yet ensures food safety.

*Sold out for 2021 CSA Season*

The UK Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project is a part of the UK College of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, and is an integral component of the Sustainable Agriculture (SAG) Undergraduate Curriculum.


The CSA project links the UK community with the Organic Farming Unit located at the UK Horticulture Research Farm. The CSA project is not a commercial farm and is not managed for profit. All financial proceeds from the sale of CSA shares support the production of food during the growing season and student educational activities of the SAG program.