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CSA Voucher Program

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy. Our research partners at University of Kentucky have found there are significant benefits to the consumer when participating in a vegetable CSA, such as fewer visits to the doctor and increased vegetable consumption.


This unique workplace wellness CSA voucher program is of particular interest to self-insured employers as it offers one tool to consider when looking for ways to proactively manage healthcare costs. 


Additionally, supporting the organic farming economy through this program helps connect people with a farmer and the farm where their food is grown, preserves agricultural lands and our natural resources and keeps food dollars in our community; creating a more vibrant, connected and healthy place to live and work.


impact for participating

CSA members

  • Decrease in doctor’s visits

  • Decrease in pharmaceutical expenditures 

  • Increase in daily vegetable consumption

  • Decrease in consumption of processed snacks and meals

  • Improvement in food preparation skills

  • Increase frequency in food preservation

  • Overall increase in self-reported health


How it


A participating employer values the employee wellness program and designates funds for a predetermined number of vouchers (usually $200 each) to be used toward the purchase of a vegetable CSA share.


We work with the employer to market the availability of the vouchers to employees.


Employees receiving a voucher go to a designated KY Farm Share Coalition webpage, select their shares and pick-up location from a variety of participating certified organic farms, enter a voucher code, and complete payment for the share less the voucher amount.


Depending on the farm, full/regular CSA shares typically range from $540-$650, small/mini shares cost $440-$462 for 20-22 weeks.


Depending on the number of participants and location, OAK can also work with employer wellness programs to establish workplace nutrition and culinary support for CSA participants throughout the season as well as a "Meet Your Farmer" event before sign-ups. Workplace pick-ups are available based on the number of participants and timing in the season. 

Why choose 

Given the number of quality farms serving our communities across Kentucky, finding a farm that is the perfect fit for your family can take time. Our coalition of farmers and partners work together to endorse all participating farms so that you can rest easy knowing any farm you choose:

Grows all their products on the farm;


Is certified organic or in active and documented transition to organic certification;


Demonstrates a minimum of three years of operating a successful CSA program;


Provides a high level of customer service through newsletters, on-farm events for members and timely communications.

KY Farm Share Coalition?



The KY Farm Share Coalition was started by organic farmers from five farms in the central Bluegrass region:


As the demand for workplace wellness CSA programs increases so too will the Coalition. If you are a CSA farmer contact us for more information about joining the coalition or visit our "For CSA Farmers" page.

Read on for more information about each farm and their CSA shares.


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