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Workplace CSA Program

Baptist Health will be offering vouchers to employees interested in signing up for a weekly vegetable share for the 2020 growing season. Each employee that participates will be able to apply a $200 voucher towards the cost and then conveniently pick it up each week at Baptist Louisville Headquarters or a nearby community pick-up. 

To learn more about the benefits, pricing, and sign-up details read below to find out what  share might be best for you. If you are already familiar with this wellness program,

click here  to view farm options and buy a share!

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A local produce subscription where members receive weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables for 20-22 weeks during the main growing season (May - October).

A model of buying food that is focused on community where members pay in advance for a share and then become a valued member of the farm for the whole season. 

Members receive vegetables that are fresh, KY Proud, and certified organic. The items in a share are harvested at their peak ripeness and will often store longer and have more flavor.

What are the Benefits of CSA?

  • Easy access to healthy fresh food and the opportunity to try new foods.

  • Convenience--pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Know your farmer that grows your food. Receive regular newsletters, updates, and useful recipes.

  • Enjoy health benefits of increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • Keep more food dollars local.

CSA Share Size, Pricing, & Customization 


Choose a CSA share that works for your household!


Small Share: 6-9 items/week. Good for households with 1-2 people. Best for first time CSA members.               


Regular Share: 7-12 items/week. Good for households with 2-4 people who enjoy cooking. 

Customization: All of our partner farms offer CSA shares that are customizable. Members have the option to see what is pre-selected for their weekly share via an online account and swap in items that are available at the farm. Skip a share while on vacation and add extras when you're back. 


Price: The pricing chart below shows the CSA share cost with and without a $200 CSA voucher. When program participants purchase a share they can immediate apply the CSA voucher as a electronic code. 









Eating with the Seasons


Expect delicious diversity in CSA share throughout the season! Here are a sample of weekly regular/large shares in spring, summer, and fall. Small/mini shares generally provide about 60% of the vegetables shown. 

Spring Share

Summer Share

Fall Share

Pick-up Location


Pick up your share at Baptist Health Louisville Headquarters located at 2701 Eastpoint Pkwy every [insert delivery day] during the season from [insert deliver time] or at a convenient community pick-up listed on the farm's website. 

How to Sign-Up

1. Attend Farmer Meet & Greet  [insert date]: Meet the farm to learn about CSA and how to sign up for a $200 voucher towards your CSA purchase at Baptist Health.  


2. Look for an employer email  about the voucher program [insert date] with directions on how to claim a $200 voucher. Vouchers are distributed on a first come first serve basis or lottery until all are distributed. 


3. Receive your voucher code via e-mail and then apply it at checkout when purchasing a CSA share. Each employee is responsible for the balance of the share ($240-$450) [insert information about payment options].


4. Sign up for a share. Read about the partner farm below. Click on the link to their website to sign up. View step-by-step CSA purchasing instructions [insert link].

Participants will have [insert  sign-up window] to use their voucher. Employees may signup for a share at anytime without a voucher.  


Questions about how to participate in the program? Contact [employer contact] or Kentucky Farm Share Coalition (Katie Harvey:

The Farm

[insert farm name] will be partnering with Baptist Health Louisville to deliver vegetables shares directly the workplace during the 2020 CSA season.

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