Workplace CSA Program

Lexington-Fayette County Health Department (LFCHD) is offering CSA vouchers to employees interested in signing up for a weekly share of vegetables during the 2020 growing season. Each employee that participates will be able to conveniently pick up their vegetable share on-site May through October and enter the voucher lottery for a chance to apply a $200 voucher towards their purchase. 

To learn more about the benefits, pricing, and sign-up details read below to find out what  share might be best for you. If you are already familiar with this wellness program,

click here to view share options from Elmwood Stock Farm!

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

A local produce subscription where members receive weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables and some fruits for 20-22 weeks during the main growing season (May - October).

A model of buying food that is focused on community where a participant pays in advance for a share and then becomes a important member of the farm for the whole season. 

A weekly box or basket of fresh, KY Proud, and certified organic vegetables. The items in a share are harvested at their peak ripeness and will often store longer and have more flavor than other produce.

What are the Benefits of CSA?

  • Easy access to healthy fresh food and the opportunity to try new foods.

  • Convenience--pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Know your farmer that grows your food. Receive regular newsletters, updates, and useful recipes.

  • Enjoy health benefits of increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • Keep more food dollars local.

CSA Share Size, Pricing, & Customization 

Choose a CSA share that works for your household!


Mini Share:  5-9 items per week. Good for households with 1-2 people. Best for first time CSA members.               


Regular Share: 6-12 items per week. Good for households with 2-4 people who enjoy cooking. 

Robust Share:  10- 14 items or more per week. Good for larger households with 4-6 people who enjoy cooking.

Customization: Each week members can swap out items and swap in other items, add on additional farm items, and pause share on vacation and use credit in future weeks. 

Pricing: The partner farm offers a mini share=$440 ($20.95/week), regular share=$650 ($30.95/week) and robust share=$880 ($41.90/week). All LFCHD employees can choose to pay for farm shares using LCHFD payroll deduction or pay the farm directly. View chart below for share cost with and without the $200 voucher. 

CSA Voucher Recipient 

CSA Non-Voucher Recipient 

Eating with the Seasons


Expect delicious diversity in CSA share throughout the season! Here are a sample of weekly regular/large shares in spring, summer, and fall. Small/mini shares generally provide about 60% of the vegetables shown. 

Spring Share

Summer Share

Fall Share

Pick-up Location


Pick up your share at Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, 650 Newtown Pike, every Tuesday from 3-5 pm. 

How to Participate

  • Attend CSA Lunch and Learn on Tuesday February 25th from 12-12:30pm or 12:30-1pm in conference room C with Elmwood Stock Farm to learn more about CSA and how to sign up for a $200 voucher to put towards your CSA purchase.  

  • Look for an email on the afternoon of February 25th with directions on how to enter the CSA voucher lottery.

  • Voucher lottery signups will be from February 25th through March 3rd. Voucher recipients will be notified by March 4th with priority given to employees who did not redeem a voucher in 2019.

  • CSA Signups Start on March 4th. Voucher recipients will receive the voucher code via email and then will be able to apply it at checkout when purchasing a share.

  • LFCHD employees can sign up for a share at anytime without a voucher. Employees who would like to purchase with payroll deduction must sign up by March 11th. 

  • CSA voucher signup window will be from March 4th through March 11th. Read about Elmwood Stock Farm below. Click on the links to their websites and signup.

  • Step-by-step CSA purchasing instructions are available for the farm HERE.

  • Questions about how to participate in this program? Contact LFCHD (Tara Mason - TaraL.Mason@lfchd.org) or Kentucky Farm Share Coalition (Katie Harvey - katie@oak-ky.org).

The Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm will be partnering with LFCHD to bring vegetable shares directly to the workplace during the 2020 CSA season.

Elmwood Stock Farm is committed to wholesome production of superior, high-quality, fresh, and certified organic products. The 6th-generation family farm produces vegetables, grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised chicken, pork, eggs, turkey all using certified organic growing practices.


Mac and Ann Stone, and Ann’s brother John Bell together with a great support team produce healthy and delicious weekly shares.


With Elmwood’s many years of growing for CSA, you’ll start each week with a well-planned share, then swap items online to personalize—plus, skip a share if vacationing and add extras later. Pickup on-farm, choose your own items from everything in season.


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