Kentucky Medical Services Foundation

 Workplace CSA Program

Kentucky Medical Services Foundation (KMSF) will be offering CSA vouchers to employees interested in signing up for a weekly vegetable share for the 2021 growing season. Each employee that participates will be able to apply a $100 voucher towards the cost of a weekly vegetable share and conveniently pick it up at KMSF May through October.

To learn more about CSA, share sizes, and sign-up information read below. If you are already familiar with this workplace CSA program, click here to view KMSF partner farm and buy a share! 

2021 CSA Farmer Meet & Greet 
Watch the recording of the KMSF CSA farmer meet and greet on 2/18/21.
Learn more about CSA, how to sign up for a CSA voucher, and hear from Bree Pearsall about the Rootbound CSA Program! 

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)? 

CSA is a produce subscription program where members receive weekly deliveries of locally grown, seasonal vegetables for 20-22 weeks during the main growing season.

CSA is focused on community where members get to directly support an individual farm over the course of a whole season. Payment for the CSA share is typically required up front which provides farms with more working capital earlier in the season. 


CSA includes vegetables and some fruits that are fresh, KY Proud, and certified organic. The items in a CSA share are harvested for members at their peak ripeness and will often store longer and have more flavor. 

What are the benefits of (CSA)?

  • Easy access to healthy fresh food and the opportunity to try new foods.

  • Convenience--pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Know your farmer that grows your food. Receive regular newsletters, updates, and useful recipes.

  • Enjoy health benefits of increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • Keep more food dollars local.

CSA Share Size, Pricing, and Customization


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Small Share 

Full Share 

Robust Share 

​Share Sizes:

  • Small Share: $506 ($23/week) and contains 5-9 items. Good for single adults, couples, and first time CSA members who cook a few times a week.               

  • Full Share: $704 ($32/week) and contains 6-12 items. Good for couples and families who cook at home most nights during the week.

  • Robust Share: $880 ($40/week) and contains 10-14 items. Good for larger families, plant-based families who cook home most nights. 

Customization: Members receive an email each week from the farm listing what is available and the base box for the week which customers can then further customize by swapping and adding items.


  • When employees purchase a share they can apply the cost of the CSA voucher at checkout and will only be responsible for the share balance. 

  • ​Members can pay their share in full or split it up into 4 payments (25% due at time of signup, 25% due June 1st, 25% July 1st, 25% August 1st).

KMSF 2021 price chart.png

Pick-up Location 


Pick up your share at  Kentucky Medical Service Foundation at 2333 Alumni Park Plaza every Thursday from 3:30-5 pm or choose a convenient community pick- up. 

How to Participate?

  • Contact Jen Brooks and express interest in a CSA voucher by Feb. 24th: KMSF employees can contact Jen Brooks if interested in claiming a $100 voucher code. $100 voucher is a taxable wellness benefit. 

  • Sign up for a CSA share from Feb. 24th - March 5th:  All eligible employees will be sent a voucher code to apply at checkout during CSA signup period.   

  • View step-by-step CSA signup instructions here

  • Questions about the program? Contact Jen Brooks at

The Farm 

Kentucky Medical Services Foundation  will be partnering with Rootbound Farm
to bring participants weekly vegetable shares for the 2021 growing season.

Rootbound farm is a family-run certified organic farm in Oldham County, Kentucky. Our Farm Share (CSA) program is the lifeblood of our farm. Our passion is filling our members’ family table with the full bounty of beautiful and delicious local veggies that positively impact their health and the environment.


We believe being in a Farm Share (CSA) should be fun - and we prioritize communication, quality, and diversity. We provide weekly newsletters and use social media to provide our members with new recipes and storage tips so they can get the best out of every share.