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How to be a Good CSA Member this Season

Here is a quick list of best practices members can use at CSA pickups this season. This flyer was created by the KY Farm Share Coalition, The Food Connection, and Center for Crop Diversification to ensure we are all doing our part to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in Kentucky. 

Pantry Staples for CSA

It's nice to have a few kitchen staples on hand to whip up a quick meal without making an extra trip to the grocery store. Here is a list of pantry staples that make it easy to improvise a quick recipe with your CSA share. 

Favorite Kitchen Tools for CSA

The CSA season is a immersion into cooking fresh, seasonal food. Here are a few key kitchen gadgets that will help you master your weekly vegetable box. 

Eating with the Seasons

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Want to learn more about what produce will be available each season? This postcard lists what type of fruits and vegetables you are most likely to see at the farmers market, in a CSA share, or on a local restaurant menu in Kentucky. Download this postcard for a quick reference! 

Prepare and Store Fresh Produce

Trying to find new ways to prepare and store local produce? This postcard offers quick pro-tips on how to store, preserve, and cook and items you might find in your CSA share or at the farmers market. Download this document to waste less of the fresh produce.   

Organic Label and Why Organic postcard U
The Organic Label 

What does the organic label mean? This handout defines the USDA organic seal and what organic farmers are required to do to maintain their certification. Download this postcard for a quick reference on the categories of organic food labeling and reason to buy from organic farms. 

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Why Organic Matters

Why organic? This postcard lists how purchasing organic foods impacts human health, the environment, and the local food system. Download this document if you are looking for quick facts to share about the positive difference organic agriculture can make! 

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What is CSA?

Eager to share all the reasons to join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program? Use this poster as an educational resource to promote CSA in your workplace, neighborhood, or community. It highlights the impact CSA has on member's health, the environment, and the local food system. Download this to spread the word!   

10 Reasons to Eat Organic

10 fantastic reasons to eat organic! Share these facts by printing one off and sticking it on your fridge, handing one to a friend, or including on your social media!


Are you trying to buy organic and not break the bank? Use these tried and true tips to save money on organic foods each time you go to the grocery store. Download this handout for a quick reference about the best practices for buying organic on a budget! 

10 Tips for Saving on Organic Food

 These consumer resources are provided by the Organic Association of Kentucky.

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