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Bringing Community Supported Agriculture
to Kentucky workplaces and communities

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KY Farm Share Coalition

KY Farm Share Coalition is a community supported agriculture program (CSA) with a mission to help certified organic farmers increase and stabilize their annual revenue while improving healthy food access for consumers.


CSA's are a weekly box of locally grown produce provided at specific price points by local farms looking for new ways to reach clients and potential markets.


KY Farm Share Coalition is helping farmers connect with those individuals through a unique workplace wellness CSA program of particular interest to self-insured employers eager to manage healthcare costs with innovative and proactive programming.


KY Farm Share Coalition developed a program that addresses this need for employers while generating new dollars for farmers. CSA shares are proven to reduce the health care costs of consumers by providing them with access to fresh, healthy foods that promote healthier lifestyles.


Employers invest in a cash $200 'voucher' for their employees towards the purchase of a CSA, guaranteeing revenue for our local farmers throughout the growing season.


CSA Voucher program is organized and administered by the Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK) in partnership with the University of Kentucky Agricultural Economics, regional employers, participating farmers growing USDA certified organic produce, and other partners.

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health benefits of

participating in CSA

Those who choose a CSA farm share report the following:

  • Increase vegetable consumption

  • Decreased consumption of processed snacks & meals

  • Decrease in doctor’s visits

  • Decrease in expenditures on prescription drugs

  • Food preparation skills improved

  • Overall increase in self-reported health

what is

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

WHAT: A CSA farm share is a fresh, produce subscription program that allows participants to pick up a weekly selection of locally grown, USDA certified organic, seasonal produce. 


WHEN: In Kentucky, the vegetable CSA season generally runs for 21-22 weeks, May-October.


TYPES: Full/Regular shares offer enough vegetables for 2-4 people and Small/Mini shares provide enough for 1-2 people.


COST: Full/Regular shares cost $616-$704 for the season ($28-$32 per week) and Small/Mini shares cost $462-$506 or the season ($21-$23 per week). Partial payment for the CSA share is required upfront which provides farms with guaranteed working capital for the year.


BENEFIT: As a consumer, you are buying into the farm and you become a shareholder. This means you share the inherent risks of farming with the farmer including dealing with weather, pests, and other unexpected circumstances but it also means you benefit from being the farm's number one priority when it comes to enjoying the bounty of their weekly harvest.


Jump Start Your Health With Weekly Deliveries

of Certified Organic, Kentucky Grown


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