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LivingWell CSA Program

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What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?


Learn about the participating farms below and find a CSA share that is best for you. CSA is a fresh produce subscription program that allows participants to receive a delivery of locally grown, seasonal produce for 21-22 weeks during the main growing season, May - October. All CSA shares offer a diversity of vegetables throughout the season with farms growing more than 40 different crops. CSA shares vary by farm in terms of size, price, share diversity, customization, length of season, pick up location and other farm products and experiences. Payment for the entire growing season is required upfront which provides farms with guaranteed working capital. As a consumer, you buy into the farm and become a shareholder. This means you share the inherent risks of farming with the farmer including dealing with weather, pests, and other unexpected circumstances but it also means you benefit from being the farm's number one priority when it comes to enjoying the bounty of the weekly harvest. The LivingWell Pilot CSA Program is partnering with Rootbound Farm and Elmwood Stock Farm for the 2019 CSA season. See voucher signup details below.   

What are the benefits?

  • Access healthy, fresh food every week and the opportunity to try new foods.

  • Receive regular newsletters from the farm including updates, useful recipes and farm events.

  • Convenience--pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Satisfaction gained from reconnecting to the land and being more knowledgeable of local food production.

  • Know the farmer and the farm that grows your food while also keeping your food dollars in your community.

  • Enjoy health benefits that come with increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • All farms participating in the program provide USDA Certified Organic produce and grow 100% of the share. 

CSA Share Sizes, Pricing Guide, & Customization: 


  • Choose a CSA share that works for your household!

    • Small/Mini Share: 5-7 items/week. Good for households with 1-2 people. Best for first time CSA members. 

    • Full/Regular Share: 7-10 items/week. Good for households with 2-4 people who enjoy cooking. 

    • Customization: Both Rootbound Farm and Elmwood Stock Farm CSA shares are customizable. Members have the option to see what is pre-selected for their weekly share via an online account and swap in items that are available at the farm. Skip a share while on vacation and add extras when you're back.






  • Expect delicious diversity in CSA shares throughout the season! Here are sample weekly regular/large shares in Spring, Summer and Fall. Mini/small shares generally provide 60% of the vegetables shown.



Pick up location:

  • Pick up your share at 501 High Street, Frankfort KY every Thursday during the season from 3pm to 5pm.       Or select another community pickup location that the farms offer (in Frankfort, Lexington and Louisville). 

Signup & Purchasing Details:

  • Friday, April 26th noon-1pm: Meet farmers from Rootbound Farm and Elmwood Stock Farm at a Lunch and Learn in the Auditorium. Hear about CSA and how to sign up for a $200 voucher towards your CSA purchase. Lunch provided. RSVP required by 4/24/19 at 3pm. 

  • Friday, April 26th (afternoon): Look for an email from your employer with directions on how to sign up for a $200 voucher. Vouchers distributed on a first come first served basis until all 50 are claimed.

  • Receive your voucher code via email and then apply it at checkout when buying your CSA share. Pay the balance of the share ($240-$450) before the season starts.

  • CSA signups are open to eligible employees using a voucher until Friday, May 3rd at 3pm. 

  • Employees may signup at any time without a voucher.

  • Read about Rootbound and Elmwood Stock Farm below. Click on the links to their websites and signup!

  • Step-by-step CSA purchasing instructions are available here for the farms.

  • Please contact the farmers directly with any questions about CSA shares. They are the experts!

  • Questions about how to participate in this pilot program? Contact KY Personnel Cabinet (Jen Alvis - or Kentucky Farm Share Coalition (Brooke Gentile -

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Spring Share

Summer Share

Fall Share

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Elmwood Stock Farm

Elmwood Stock Farm is committed to healthy and wholesome production of superior, high-quality, fresh farm products. Organic certification and close family involvement ensure that safe and sustainable farming practices are followed, while crops and livestock are well cared for. The 6th-generation family farm produces vegetables, grass-fed beef and lamb, pasture-raised chicken, pork, heritage-breed turkeys, and eggs.


Elmwood’s long-running CSA program offers 3 share sizes, add-on shares of eggs, meats, and pantry items, and all items are USDA Certified Organic. See what's planned for your weekly share and swap items online—plus, skip a share while on vacation and add extras when you're back. The popular on-farm pickup continues, where members choose their own items from all the produce in season.


Elmwood farmers Mac and Ann Stone are the faces you likely see at the farmers market, while Ann’s brother John Bell is on the farm tending the animals and raising the crops. The families share the work load with a great support team, and all work together to produce fresh, high quality CSA shares each week. They encourage members to learn about how food gets from farm to plate on scheduled farm tours, including a CSA day held each spring.


Click HERE to learn about

Elmwood Stock Farm's

CSA share and to purchase.

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Rootbound Farm is a USDA certified organic family farm located in Oldham County, Kentucky. The farm is run by Ben Abell and Bree Pearsall along with their two small children and a dedicated farm crew. Now in our 9th season, we remain committed to our CSA program as the cornerstone of our business. We offer two box sizes and members have the option to customize their box each week in our easy online store. Customization means that every week we put forth the items that are at peak freshness on the farm and members can view their items online in advance and make changes to their box contents. With customization you get more of the items you love and less of the items you won’t use.


Every weekly delivery also comes with a newsletter featuring recipes and storage ideas to help you make the most of your experience.  We also encourage members to follow along with the news from the farm through our active social media communities and our on-farm field days and tours.  We believe that eating locally and organically should be delicious, healthy, and FUN!


Click HERE to learn about

Rootbound Farm's

CSA share and to purchase.

The Farms

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