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CSA Member Testimonials

Workplace CSA members value employer's investment in CSA,

enjoy the variety and quality of the produce, and supporting a Kentucky Farm.


"I am so profoundly grateful for and impressed with UK Health & Wellness as a result of the UK CSA Voucher program, I have trouble expressing the depths of my admiration. High on my list of most valuable things in my working life and my life-life, and I LOVE how it illustrates the positive
connection between both parts of our lives!"

-University of Kentucky Health and Wellness CSA Member

"I looked forward to my CSA every single week. It brought both healthy food and joy into my house. We thoroughly enjoyed all the fresh veggies and loved getting something we'd never tried before. It definitely made eating healthier more convenient. I don't know if I would have tried it without my workplace voucher, so I am very appreciative for that. I highly recommend it to all!"

-Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government CSA Member

"Supporting our local farmers is the best thing we can do for our health, our local economy, our
global footprint, and our families. Connecting the CSA to the workplace brought a convenience,
and a sense of comradery with my co-workers that I enjoyed. I have been in CSA before but
sharing the experience with my co-workers was an added benefit I didn't expect. Thank you
APH and Barr Farms!"

-American Printing House CSA Member

"This was a great opportunity to support local farmers while getting fresh produce every week.
We had so much fun trying new recipes and I lost weight because I was eating out less and
eating more veggies!"

-Baptist Health CSA Member

"Knowing that my employer cares about my health And about supporting a CSA, means a lot to
me. The program is a way of saying that employees are not just bodies doing jobs but people
in relationship whose health and well-being are important."

-EC Matthews Construction CSA Member 

"Having a CSA has been a life-changing opportunity. In a time where society has become more
and more distant, eating food that comes from our community has helped me to feel
connected. While everyone appreciates farmers, we often forget that without our support they
won’t be able to continue providing for us. Thank you to our farmers and thank you to my
company for valuing this through action!"

-Lexington-Fayette County Health Department CSA Member 

"This CSA was somewhat of a forced-commitment-lifestyle-change that really worked. I grow kale and still would never have eaten this much of it without this CSA. It made me try new tricks for the lesser loved veggies, and to be creative each week with my cuisine!" 

-Lexington-Fayette County Health Department CSA Member 

"I can honestly say that vegetables had not been in the forefront of my meal planning before as they were just a required side dish but now, I have found various cooking methods and ingredients that I can't wait to eat. Exciting new recipes are being formed around the vegetable instead of
around the protein and it has changed the way I like to eat my meals. When I'm excited about the veggie, I eat it and I feel as though it has impacted my thoughts on healthy (healthier) eating.

-University of Kentucky CSA Member 

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