This CSA Voucher Program offers an innovative way for employer partners

to increase their preventative health offerings. Read and watch below to see how the employer-sponsored voucher program makes a difference in the workplace

Kentucky Personnel Cabinet 
Video Series - Part 1: Taking a look at our CSA farms 
Part 1 of this KY Personnel Cabinet video series explores the connection members have with their CSA and "Knowing how your farmer grows your food". It also features the wide diversity of vegetables and successive plantings KY Farm Share partner farms grow to supply CSA members. 
Video Series - Part 2: Benefiting from our CSA farms  

Part 2 of this video highlights the health benefits of CSA and how nutrient-dense, flavorful vegetables can decrease cravings and doctor visits. The average Kentuckian goes to the doctor over 7 times a year and the average CSA member in Kentucky goes 2.03 times a year.

Louisville Metro Government 
"Healthier Every Week" by Sarah Fritschner 
Edible Magazine Spring 2019 Health Edition

This feature article highlights the wellness benefit "employees can sink their teeth into". When employees sign-up they are able to pick up organic produce for 20-22 weeks in the office, taste the freshness of vegetables harvested less than 50 miles away, and enjoy the comradery of swapping recipes with fellow co-workers. This 5 month program is enough time for participants to shift habits and continue to adopt healthier eating choices even when the seasons ends. Read more here.  

Lexington Fayette Urban County Government 
Video on LEX TV: LFUCG Farm Share Program 

The LFUCG Farm Share Program video offers a great overview of what CSA is, benefits to employees, and the partner farms that make this possible. Farm Share programs like this help strengthen the local community by making fresh food more accessible and supporting the local farm economy. 

University of Kentucky 
UK Health and Wellness Receives CUPA-HR's HR Innovation Award 

University of Kentucky was recognized for an HR Innovation Award from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) in May of 2019 for their CSA voucher program. This program was created in response to an increase in obesity and diet-related medical claims. Through research at UK they know for every $1 invested $2.47 is saved in medical expenditures. Read more here

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