Wellward Regenerative Medicine

Workplace CSA Program

Wellward Regenerative Medicine is excited to connect employees and patients with weekly vegetable CSA shares this season and offer a convenient workplace pick-up. CSA is an easy way to buy fresh food directly from a local farm, build healthy habits and eat more fruits and vegetables.  

To learn more about CSA shares (also called farm shares), the benefits, sizes, and pricing, read below. If you are already familiar with Wellward Regenerative Medicine workplace CSA program, click here to view farm options and buy a share! 

2021 CSA Lunch & Learn 
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Watch the recording of the  3/16/21 Wellward CSA lunch and learn. 
Learn more about CSA, how to pick up a share at Wellward, and meet Bryce Baumann from Lazy Eight Stock Farm to hear more about their CSA program this season.

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?

CSA is a local produce subscription program where members receive weekly deliveries of seasonal vegetables for 20-22 weeks during the main growing season.

CSA is focused on community where members buy a share from the farm upfront ahead of the season and share in the risk and reward of the season. 


CSA provides members with fresh, KY Proud, and certified organic vegetables. The items in a share are harvested for members at their peak ripeness and will often store longer and have more flavor.

What are the Benefits of CSA?

  • Easy access to healthy food and the opportunity to try new foods.

  • Convenience--pick up your share at work or on the way home.

  • Know your farmer that grows your food. Receive regular newsletters, updates, and useful recipes.

  • Enjoy health benefits of increasing vegetable consumption and eating out less frequently.

  • Keep more food dollars local.

CSA Share Pricing & Customization 

Share Sizes & Pricing:

  • Small Share is $462 ($21/week) come with 5-6 items per delivery. Good for individuals and couples who enjoy cooking with vegetable throughout the week.  

  • Regular Share is $630 ($30/week) comes with 7-10 items per delivery. Good for families of 2-4 who enjoy cooking with vegetables through the week.

  • XL Share is $882 ($42/week) comes with 11-14 items per delivery. Some items will be double, like 2 heads of lettuce instead of one. Good for large families who cook lots of veggies throughout the week. 


​CSA Payment Options:​

  • Lazy Eight Stock Farm offers multiple payment options for CSA shares. Member can choose to pay in full or pay in installments.

  • When customers select installments they pay 25% at signup, 25% at first delivery, and have the remaining 50% deducted from a card on file on a weekly basis with each delivery.

Customizing your share: 

  • Members set their taste preferences at the beginning of the season and each week a custom share is built based on these preferences and the crops available for harvest.

  • The customer can review their share each week and have the opportunity to further customize what comes in their delivery.

  • As tastes and menus change throughout the season, the customer can adjust their preferences to insure they continue to receive produce that matches their desires and eating habits.

Eating with the Seasons


Expect delicious diversity in CSA share throughout the season! Here are a sample of weekly regular/large shares in spring, summer, and fall. Small shares generally provide about 60% of the vegetables shown. 

Spring CSA Share

Spring Share

Summer CSA Share

Summer Share

Rootbound week 4.jpg

Fall Share

Pick-up Location


Pick up your share at Wellward Regenerative Medicine every Thursday afternoon or at a nearby community pick-up on the farm's website or choose home delivery for an additional fee. 

How to Participate? 

  • Sign up for a CSA share March 16th-April 9th: Wellward Regenerative Medicine employees, friends and family will have two weeks to purchase a CSA share on Lazy Eight Stock Farm's website (see link below). 

  • Questions about the program? Contact Dawn Jones, Physician Assistant at dawnj@wellwardmed.com  or Katie Harvey, KYFSC program cordinator at katie@oak-ky.org.

The Farm 

Wellward Regenerative Medicine will be partnering with Lazy Eight Stock Farm
to bring participants weekly produce shares for the 2021 growing season.
Lazy Eight Stock Farm_family photo.jpg

Lazy Eight Stock Farm is a small family farm located in Madison and Garrard County along the banks of the Paint Lick Creek.


We pour our hearts and souls into raising USDA Certified Organic vegetables for our CSA Members, the lifeblood of our farm. We offer a 21-week customizable CSA and host several on farm events each season for our members to come and share the seasonal bounty.