How the Voucher Program Works...

Improve Long-term Health Outcomes 

We know that positive lifestyle changes will improve health. The trick is engaging employees to make those changes. 


When employers offer a voucher towards weekly vegetable shares more employees participate and reap the benefits of...

  • Decrease in doctor’s visits.

  • Decrease in pharmaceutical expenses.

  • Increase in daily servings of vegetables.

  • Increase in meals cooked at home.

  • Overall increase of feeling healthier. 


View research on health impacts here


Voucher Increase Employees' Access to Fresh Food

The program works to encourage healthy eating choices by providing employer-sponsored vouchers to employees as a wellness benefit. They can then put the voucher towards a weekly vegetable share from a local, organic farms and pick it up conveniently as they leave work each week. 


Read our two-page overview here

How To Start Offering This Wellness Program

A employer partner that is interested in offering  vouchers will designate funds for a predetermined number (usually $200 each) that will then be distributed to employees to purchase a vegetable share. 


The Kentucky Farm Share works with the employer to promote these vouchers by offering templates for workplace promotion, organizes a farmer meet and greet at the workplace, and manages employee sign-ups for shares on our website.


Once employees receive a voucher they go to a employer-specific Kentucky Farm Share web page, select a partner farm from the options, purchase a share on the farm's website with the voucher, and complete payment for the share less the voucher amount.


Depending on the share size, farm shares typically range from $440-$650 for the whole season. With the help of the voucher, employees can purchase a share for $240-$450 from May to October.

Read more about the typical program timeline here.

Employees Connect with Local, Organic Farm

Partner Farms offers customizable share options that allow members to go online and choose produce from a wide variety of offerings each week. 


Each farm offers a small/mini and large/regular vegetable share to make it easier for different household sizes to participate.


All farms grow 100% USDA Certified Organic produce.

Members save each week on produce compared to shopping at grocery store or farmers market for similar quality. See comparison here.

All coalition farms are experienced growers and offer a high level of customer service and member communication. 

Read more about our partner farms here.

Employers Make A 

Strong Impact 

When employers offer a voucher program in their workplace they...

  • Help employees create long-term habits and promote healthier lifestyle. 

  • Mitigate diet-related healthcare costs and can reduce diet-related employee medical claims.

  • Offer a connection with community and support local Kentucky farms. 

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